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We have just launched a new collective for local musicians

Here are the main points for the After10 Club Collective



The aims of the club are to bring together local songwriters, musicians etc to foster understanding and cooperation for the general benefit of the membership.

To promote activities, mutual support and joint aid among the members.


The objectives of the club are to carry on activities which benefit the members including but not exclusively


1. Provide professional recording studio facilities

2. Help develop the careers of the members

3. Undertake promotional activities on behalf of individual members

4. Create websites to help promote the members

5. Run workshops on all aspects of musical development and the operation of the music industry

6. Arrange venues and organise concerts and performances for the members

7. The club is a non profit organisation and any monies raised shall go towards fulfilling these aims and objectives



Membership is open to unsigned songwriters and musicians etc...

All members shall agree with the aims and objectives of the club

Members shall pay an annual membership fee.

The membership fees for 2107 are set at £50 for individuals and £100 for bands




Benefits of membership


Each individual member or band, on joining will be entitled to 2 hours studio time free of charge.  These hours may be used towards studio time to record an EP/CD etc.

(this is equivalent to 2 hours at £20 per hour - £40)

If a member introduces a new member then he/she will be entitled to an extra hour of free studio time for every new member he/she introduces.

Members will get free access to which is our video promotional website.  Here they can submit their own videos to be included free of charge.

They also have access to our on-line store where they can sell digital downloads of their music free of charge.  They can also sell physical copies of their music through this on-line store for a charge of  £1 per EP/CD

On joining each individual member/band is entitles to 5 studio promotional photos

Each member will get assistance to produce a Press Pack

Members will be entitled to discount towards any workshops we organise.

All members get priority booking privileges for the recording studio, gigs, podcasts etc...

Members have access to our talent development and mentoring program

We are currently working to get discounts for Video and Photo shoots plus discounts at local musical equipment stores for all members.


As our membership grows then the opportunities for more benefits and discounts will also grow.

TheAfter10 Club

After10 club